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How to Select the Right Rug

In High Traffic Areas select a rug that has a detailed pattern as more pattern equates to less maintenance.

Decide what you want the focus of the room to be. If you want the rug to serve as the focal point, consider a design with a central medallion. If however there is another obvious focal point, such as a fireplace, you may want to use a more repetitive pattern, Consider what patterns are already in the room on seating upholstery or wall paper and chose a rug that will not compete with these

You can use rugs of different patterns within the same room as long as the colours coordinate. Try not to use rugs that are the same size, rather choose differing sizes to create more interest and contrast.

If it's a distinctive contemporary rug you are looking for, with bold wild colours, or even a plain colour look, consider a textured or shaggy rug made from a non-shedding fibre for easy maintenance.
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