Size Guide For Bedroom

240x340cm Rugs

A  240 x 340cm rug should be large enough to place your bed and side tables on and still have plenty of rug left exposed, giving your space a more unified look.

200x290cm Rugs

A  200cm x 290cm rug is large enough to fit sideways under the bed and still leave a 50-70cm border of rug extending out on the two sides and the foot of the bed.

80x150cm Rugs

A  pair of 80cm x 150cm rugs placed on either side of the bed can provide the comfort and cosy look for your bedroom but at a much lower cost.

120x170cm Rugs

A single 120cm x 170cm rug placed on one side of the bed can also work its charm, sometimes this is necessary if the bed is positioned against a wall for example.