Size Guide for Living room

300x400cm Rugs

A  300 x 400cm rug fits perfectly in a larger living room, or in an open floor plan space. This rug should be large enough to accommodate most of your furniture, accessories, and decor elements, giving your space a more unified look.

240x330cm Rugs

A  240cm x 330cm rug fits nicely in an 360cm x 450cm or slightly larger room, or in an open floor plan space. In a defined living area, the best layout leaves a 30-45cm border of flooring around your rug.

200x290cm Rugs

A  200cm x 290cm rug works best in a smaller living room. This leaves about 70cm of flooring bordering the rug on each side.

160x230cm Rugs

In a small living room, a 160cm x 230cm rug will fit underneath a coffee table, or in front of a fireplace with two comfy chairs sitting almost completely on the rug.

120x170cm Rugs

A  120cm x 170cm rug offers added cushioning and is the perfect size to highlight and elevate a living room landing place. A coffee table can usually fit centrally on this size rug.